We wish to inform you about that the Association Council of the Mecsek-Drava Local Government Association based on the decision No. 24/2012 (V.11.) decided to eliminate the independent working organization with 31 May, 2012 thus in the future, the tasks will be carried out by the Cabinet office of the Municipality of Pécs, with the proviso that the project management tasks remain the obligation of the Pécsi Városfejlesztési Nonprofit Zrt.
Given the above, we wish to inform you that the mailing address, telephone and fax number of the Association has changed.

With Association matters please, contact the following:

Mecsek-Dráva Local Government Association mailing address: 7621, Széchenyi tér 1
The head of the Mayor's Cabinet: Girán János
Contact: Brunné Kramaszta Patrícia
Phone: 06-72/533-826
Fax: 06-72/236-368

In case of questions or requests regarding the Development Project (transfer station, waste yard, recycling banks and Regional Waste Management Centre) or the Recultivation project, Szabados Yvette project manager is available:
Szabados Yvette

Mecsek-Dráva Waste Management
Program Recultivation

Mecsek-Dráva Waste Management Program Recultivation

Páva Zsolt

Motto: "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors: we borrow it from our children."

With our lifestyle we produce huge amounts of waste. One of the general yet very damaging concomitants of the XXI. century is that we select frequently: we throw away packaging materials, used up objects, we replace the furniture, and hazardous materials are removed from our households as well. Just think of the non-degradable plastic bottles or chemical containers. For many, the journey of the waste ends at the dump – but from the point of view of waste storage, it all begins there...

We are accustomed to the fact that the storage of the huge amounts of waste is provided - but only a few think about the possible dangers caused if secluded piles of waste are not stored under appropriate circumstances. It is no exaggeration to say that these objects are ticking time bombs and could destroy even the supply of potable water.

The Mecsek- Drava Local Government Association was created precisely in order to assure the prevention of such environmental hazards. Improperly stored waste can cause enormous damage to our environment thus -with the support of the European Union- within the framework of an overall recultivation program, outdated, technically inadequate, closed or abandoned landfills will be renewed or closed down.

Please acquaint yourself with the details of this great program, and later you shall be able to receive information about the results in the Association's publications and on its official website!

dr. Zsolt Páva
Mayor of the City of Pécs,
President of the Local Government Association aiming at the establishment of the Mecsek-Drava Regional Solid Waste Management System